CARE Model:  Creating Conditions for Change                                 

The development of the CARE model began in 2005 in cooperation with the South Carolina Department of Social Services, the South Carolina Association of Children's Homes and Family Services, Duke Endowment, and over 100 residential services personnel. The model seeks to support thriving children in the arena of competing interests with a concentration upon six core principals:

  •  Developmentally Focused
  •  Family Involved
  •  Relationship Based
  •  Competence Centered
  •  Trauma Informed
  •  Ecologically Oriented
Since 2006 the data gathered from research conducted using the model has been positive.   After model implementation, agency personnel have demonstrated improved congruence in providing service, reduced stress, and enhanced proficiency. Youth clients who were provided services using the CARE model exhibited less verbal abuse, less fighting, and a decrease in runaways.  Southmountain has been a proud partner for over 6+ years with Cornell University personnel in implementing the model and continues to seek effective methodology that is evidenced-based.