Southmountain receives COA re-accreditation

Posted by: swright 3 years, 4 months ago

The Council on Accreditation (COA) has chosen to expedite and re-accredit Southmountain Children and Family Services.  Our agency for decades has been accredited by COA and has officially completed this process again which is repeated every four years.

COA is a non-profit accrediting body that since 1977 has created a means for both governmental and non-governmental entities to strive and do better by strengthening services through delivery standards and practices.  COA is an internationally recognized human service organization that currently accredits over 2,200 entities world-wide.  We began our partnership with COA before it was required by North Carolina state law in order to be licensed to operate; we will continue to target excellence in service.

We thank all of our Governing Board members who endeavor to promote positive change and service as well as our community stakeholders that collaborate with us to help those in need.