Annual Sonshine Saturday Sponsored by Enon Baptist Church

Posted by: swright 4 years, 4 months ago

On Saturday September 10, 2016 Enon Baptist Church in Drexel hosted “Sonshine Saturday” for children and parents that live at our Foster Community, in Nebo, North Carolina. For over 25 years, this church has held the event on the church grounds and this year, about 100 people enjoyed this fun filled day!

Agency Mourns Loss and Passing of Board Chair, Bill Brinkley

Posted by: swright 4 years, 4 months ago

Southmountain Children and Family Services has lost one of its most cherished leaders and friends. William M. "Bill" Brinkley passed away September 2, 2016 after a battle with cancer.
I cannot begin to express the sadness we at Southmountain Children & Family Services feel at losing such a tremendous friend and leader. Bill's wisdom, faith, and unwavering devotion have been a solid foundation under Southmountain for the past 52 years. Under his leadership we have been able to bring Southmountain to the forefront of Children's Services and have grown into an agency that is as unique as it is effective. Bill was so very proud of what we have become and the services we offer not only through the main Children's Home program but also through the Children's Advocacy Centers. I am proud, as I know he was, that he leaves behind such a great legacy of service and a wake of thousands of lives that have been made better because of the services and programs that he helped to develop.
Knowing how much he truly cared about Southmountain and all of the children and families we have served and as well as his service through Boy Scouts, church, and other community endeavors and how much he loved and was loved by his family and his friends, I don't know of anyone who can say they have lived a richer fuller life than Bill.
God be with us all as we move forward and help us to continue to live up to the standards Bill set for us through his dedication and love.
Please join us in keeping his precious wife Linda, and the rest of his family in thought and prayer.

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