Southmountain Estates Enjoys Valentine’s Dance

Posted by: swright 1 year, 10 months ago

An event in honor of Valentine’s Day is what brought our Foster Community together on February 16. An evening of dancing was thrown by Rosemary Haynes, Rachael Boyd, and Tiffany Bentley of the recreation department, but they were not alone in the efforts of throwing this amazing event! Throughout the last few months, the children of the Foster Community made our decorations; our very own Danny Marriott prepared our delicious meal; and our party was popping with songs played by DJ Jazzi Monkey Chris Norman. Our community was brought together for an evening of fun, laughter, and love for our children by dancing the night away. Our recreation department is in awe of the way our Foster Community and those who support us came together to celebrate all that we have built at the Foster Community.

Southmountain CAC's Receive National Accreditation

Posted by: swright 1 year, 10 months ago

In January, 2019, the McDowell County Children’s Advocacy Center and the Blue Ridge Children’s Advocacy Center were approved for reaccreditation by the National Children’s Alliance.  Accreditation with this entity requires extensive work at the Centers including written documentation and observed practice; and is affirmation that exemplary services are being offered, in compliance with national standards.  Congratulations to all staff and collaborators at the McDowell County Children’s Advocacy Centers and the Blue Ridge Children's Advocacy Center that made the reaccreditation possible.

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