Community Foundation of Burke County Awards Grant

Posted by: swright 6 months ago

Southmountain Children and Family Services has completed a major renovation project of homes at “Southmountain Estates” its unique Foster Community. The Community Foundation of Burke County has been an important and continued partner in renovations at Southmountain Estates, and has awarded two grants totaling $21,205 to remodel two kitchens and 11 bathrooms at the Foster Community.  The homes were built in the mid 1990's and were in desperate need of repair after having housing hundreds of children over the last 25 years. Southmountain would like to express sincere appreciation to the Community Foundation of Burke County for their continued generosity and support.

Good Times for Teens at Southmountain Estates

Posted by: swright 6 months, 1 week ago

With the official beginning of summer, our teens at Southmountain Estates have been staying healthy and active, exploring the vast natural resources of our local national forest and wilderness areas on weekly hikes to waterfalls. Thanks to the leadership of our Recreational Therapy interns, they are also participating in weekly creative/ expressive art projects. Our enthusiastic interns are also planning a summer bash to celebrate the end of their internships.

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