Southmountain Holiday Wheeled Escape

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Thank You to Toys for Tots

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Baxter Healthcare of Marion Makes Wellness Program Possible

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Southmountain Children and Family Services is very excited to be the recipient of a generous grant of $97,596 from Baxter Healthcare of Marion.  Our project, called “Growing a Wellness Program at our Foster Community” will allow us to launch a health and wellness program on our campus. Our goal is to create a climate of health and wellness for our parents, children and staff and we will begin this process by helping each family establish personal goals.
This project will focus on health, exercise and nutrition and will allow us to purchase state-of-the art gym equipment and set up a fitness room in our campus gymnasium. We will also use grant funding to hire a wellness coordinator who will set up the workout room, schedule and teach classes for parents and children, and arrange for other teachers to teach classes. The program will have a nutrition education component that will focus on the benefits of fresh versus processed foods; and some of the grant funding will be used to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables for families. We are also building incentives into the program to motivate participants to begin and to continue in an exercise routine and healthy eating.

Enon Baptist Church Sponsors 25th Annual Sonshine Saturday

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Enon Baptist Church in Valdese has hosted “Sonshine Saturday” for 25 years for children and parents that live at our Foster Care Community, in Nebo, North Carolina.  On Saturday May 30th, Sonshine Saturday was held on the church grounds and 150-200 people enjoyed this fun filled day!   Events included a watermelon eating contest, sack race, huge waterslide, obstacle course, dunking booth and a wheel barrow race.  A delicious cookout meal was served and great fun was had by all.  Southmountain is so grateful to Enon Baptist Church, all the volunteers that made this day possible, and for hosting this event for the past 25 years!

Southmountain Goes Green!

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Southmountain Goes Green!
Southmountain Children and Family Services is proud to launch a recycling program on our campus in Nebo, North Carolina. The program will be a community service project for our children who participate in the National Youth Project Using Mini-bikes (NYPUM). NYPUM participants will help launch the program on campus with our foster parents, provide education on the appropriate ways to recycle, help keep the momentum of the project going and help the project grow. Southmountain’s goal is to also use this project to educate our children about the benefits of recycling and the importance of caring for our planet. According to Executive Director, Chris Jernigan “Our hope is that this will be the first of other projects to help our organization Go Green”. Southmountain Children and Family Services is also recycling in our downtown office as well as at our Burke County Children’s Advocacy Center.

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