Young Artists at Work!

Posted by: swright 4 years, 8 months ago

Since the Fall of 2015, the children at our foster community have had a new way to express themselves - through art! Local artist Allison Fisher has been coordinating art activities for our children and has transformed a room in our neighborhood gymnasium into an arts and crafts room. Our young artists are now working on a watercolor project, a landscape of hills and trees, painted on a large wooden board. Fourteen children have been creating their own birds that will become part of the watercolor landscape. The next plan in the works is to create a mural on the wall of the art room and the children are now brainstorming ideas for the mural.

Artist Allison Fisher moved from Detroit, Michigan to Nebo, NC and earned her Associate’s Degree in ceramics from Western Piedmont Community College. As an artist, she creates ceramics, watercolor and handmade porcelain.