July 10, 2019, 9:37 a.m.

Civil Air Patrol Squadron of Hickory Visit Southmountain Estates

It was a distinct pleasure to have the young men and women of the Civil Air Patrol Squadron and their talented Commanders, Sergeants and families from Hickory, NC descend upon Southmountain Estates community! On May 24 and 25 they held an event with a perfect balance of playfulness, discipline, and good will.

The Civil Air Patrol organized a well-paced weekend of rocket-building, aerospace education, robotics, drill instruction, and joyful fellowship with 18 of our foster youth, among whom they found glad reception.

We at Southmountain are grateful to Mark Emaus, Andy Meranda, Cindy Randolph, Adam Roig, Brenda Barnes, and the other staff leaders for their generous invitation to participate in this quality event with their cadets. We look forward to similar opportunities in the future! The NC-124 Civil Air Patrol Squadron is an impressive and inspiring group of young people well on their way to making this world a better place. We are blessed to count you as allies. Keep doing what you’re doing!