Our Team

“Providing Pathways of Change” is more than just our mission statement, it’s the mantra of our professional and dedicated staff. Since 1903 we have helped children and families overcome devastating traumas and the subsequent negative feelings and behaviors. We create positive social skills, behaviors, and lifestyles. The goal: Give children with little hope for their futures to realize the success of accomplishment and fulfillment of their dreams. 

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Board of Directors

2021-2022 Executive Committee

Rod Willcox, Chairman

Gerry Knox, Vice Chairman

Lisa Buff, Treasurer

Susan McCracken, Secretary


Flake Brantley

Coulter Brinkley

Katrina Blumetti

Ola Caldwell

Frank Dean

Joe Delk

Michelle Elliott

Trustee Emeritus

Jack Isaacs, Sr.

Brink Isaacs

Rebecca McLeod

David Rust

Gary Stroud