March 21, 2017, 4:49 p.m.

Foster Community Staff Complete Adoption Training

Southmountain Estates Program Administrator, Social Workers and Clinicians recently participated an intensive training called “Training for Adoption Competency (TAC)”. The training was provided by The Center for Adoption Support and Education and was hosted by the Catawba County Department of Social Services. The classroom training section began September 2nd, 2016 and ended on January 27th of this year. Participants will complete the program with certified staff members with ongoing case review and expert consultation until July 2017.

To quote the TAC training manual, “the training program was specifically designed to provide clinicians with the knowledge and skills needed to work effectively with adopted persons – children, youth and adults; adoptive parents and members of the extended adoptive family; kin who adopt their relative children; and the birth families – birth mothers, birth fathers, and members of the extended birth family.” Over 75% of the children that leave our care move into an adoptive placement. It is very important to assure that every adoptive placement has the best opportunity for success. A failed adoptive placement can be a traumatic life event for a child to experience. Therefore our agency puts extensive efforts into pre-adoptive placement preparation for the child and potential family, as well as intensive services after the adoptive placement.

Staff participants in the training included: Brenda Patton, Program Administrator, Social Workers, Melinda Norman and Kimbra Pendley, and Clinicians, Stephanie Dvorak, Sonya Farr, and Rhonda Soirez.