May 14, 2020, 4:51 p.m.

Professional Parents Are True Heroes!

Chris Jernigan, Executive Director, Janet Curtis, Chief Operating Officer, and the Board of Trustees of Southmountain Children and Family Services wish to recognize and honor all of the professional parents at our Foster Community. During the Covid-19 pandemic, these dedicated employees have continued to do their jobs all day every day without a break and without a minute of free time.

To protect the foster community from the potential spread of the virus and to comply with Governor Cooper's Stay at Home Order, Director Jernigan made the community completely off limits to anyone except those designated to deliver food and supplies. He also directed that no one could leave the community during this time. This means that the parents have been at home with their children without any outside face-to-face contact. They have had to cook all the meals (some of which typically would have been provided at school); monitor the children's on-line school classes and assist their children with daily schoolwork that normally would have been done at school; provide all of the recreation activities (even the recreation staff was disallowed from entering the community); and just about everything else you can imagine. These live-in parents have really stepped up to the plate without any hesitation. They are the TRUE HEROES of this time and we applaud and revere them.

We would like to publicly thank our parents from the bottom of our hearts for their tireless devotion during this trying time! Their dedication, love and care for our children have been proven beyond compare.